Suggestions for Buying Superior Souvenirs

Published: 27th October 2010
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Travel is an experience that can broaden your horizons. For many people, a favorite side effect of taking a vacation is being able to collect new and exotic objects. Just about every traveler enjoys searching for keepsakes, so here are a few suggestions about the right and wrong ways to go about doing it. Keep the following clever strategies in mind the next time you make a trip. When you would like to get more information on travel cover check out this site.

One obscure bit of knowledge is that seashells are known to have been the very first souvenirs. From all the exotic beaches of the world, sea captains collected these beautiful, natural treasures. When they got back home, they would proudly show off their shells by giving them a place of great respect, known as a wonder chamber, in their house. Souvenirs exist because their owners associate these items with memories of a certain location. It's smart to purchase items which are associated with a certain vacation spot. You should pick the items made in the location that you are visiting in order for your souvenir to be the most valuable.

One such item is the common and popular snow globe. They're available anywhere - at gift shops in airports, in local souvenir shops and cheap stores, and they're designed to advertise any place. Although many are proud snow globe collectors, these are hardily adequate substitutes for genuine and meaningful souvenir items. While many people own snow globes featuring familiar Florida scenes, it's much more special to own something unique and uncommon, such as a vintage label from a crate of oranges, or perhaps an attractive find from an antique store.

Or, you could buy ephemera art that tells a wonderful story about Florida's past and the various cultures that make up the state. You want to look for a souvenir that is high in quality but low enough in price that you won't break the bank. By referencing the culture and historical significance of your travel destination, your souvenir will be much more rewarding. This site teaches you about insurance travel.

Remember my motto that no matter where you roam, always negotiate. Suppose you went to St. Petersburg in Russia. A matroyshka, which is a Russian nesting doll, would be an excellent choice for a souvenir. But with so many nesting dolls to select from, it then becomes a matter of trying to figure out which ones suit you the best. Since there are many mass produced examples of the classic Russian doll, look for authentic signatures on the doll's underside, a smooth varnished finish, and hand painting.

Find a nesting doll that features repeating imagery or themes on the stomach of each one (such as famous buildings, or seasonal landscapes). Also look for similar coloration throughout, the addition of gold leaf or gilting, and quality fabrication. The value of your souvenirs can be determined in this manner.

So on your next trip, even while you are swimming in the ocean or touring ancient ruins or just browsing through a souvenir shop, think about what items would be good reminders of your trip when you are back home. Reflect on what you've learned and what you've felt while traveling to this place. The item your purchase today could be a valuable part of history in the future. Souvenir shopping is one way we connect with other cultures in order to bring home a little piece of a far away world.

Be sure to pack clothing that you'll really use and need, so you're not stuck with heavy suitcases to lug around. But do be sure to have clothing suitable for unusually hot or cold weather. If your destination is the beach, remember to pack a shawl or sweater for air conditioned environments or a cool evening. But if you can, bring clothing you can wash and wear again.

Don't forget the comfortable shoes for walking a lot. Keep in mind the image you will want to be projecting with your clothes. If you look like a tourist you are going to become a beacon for muggers and pickpockets. Sometimes luggage is lost during your travels and locating your bags can take a few days at the very least. Be sure to communicate with your friends and loved ones about your vacation plans. Provide a comprehensive agenda of your destination that includes telephone numbers and addresses of the hotels you will visit.

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